Hello, I'm Alexander and I design almost all my life.

Studio experience 2006 — 2009
After I graduated from the academy, my first steps in the design industry were in several small studios, where I worked as a web designer.

Freelance experience 2009 — 2011
After working in studios, I realized that I wanted to grow further, the market in Ukraine was stingy on interesting and large projects, so I went on a freelance. Here I found what I was looking for, precisely those projects that were interesting to me. But soon I went in the direction of a product team.

Ru90 (product team) 2011 — 2012
The platform offers solutions for betting, monitoring and operational management of any betting company, and financial and analytical reporting. I worked as a UX/UI designer for two years with a small product team, where we built several products of Rub90.

Affmy (product team) 2013 — 2020
I worked as a product designer, and my responsibility was a good experience of the product and the company's profit. Mostly my work was with mobile devices. I worked under NDA.

I believe that an excellent product is the result of teamwork and
cooperation of systematic order and transparency within the company.


Sometimes I take pictures of nature.

Get in touch! cup@licor.design